Case study

Inspiring a generation of makers

The Power of Making – the V&A museum's most visited free exhibition

The Power of Making exhibition captured a change in the way people think about making. And we made it happen: we came up with the proposition, curated the content, edited the materials and publications, and developed a spin-off public programme.

The V&A and the Crafts Council wanted an exhibition about the value of craft. We convinced them to take a more ideological position – to stage an exhibition that dealt with continuity of knowledge rather than individual achievement. The Power of Making looked ahead to the role of making in our future, and it was the first exhibition to demonstrate this by including a maker space.

The Power of Making's success surprised us as much as it delighted the V&A. Because the general public were as intrigued as the specialists it targeted, it clocked up 300,000 visitors – five times more than expected – and inspired a generation of makers.

From Now On – what we did:
Curating, creative direction, creative programming, editorial, commissioning

Conceived and curated by:
Daniel Charny

Alon Meron, Tamara Bloch, Putri Trusillo, Kendall Robins

Exhibition opened September 2011
Daniel Charny has a continued role as Senior Research Fellow at the V&A


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