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Harnessing human ingenuity, every day 

Fixperts: a self-initiated project that invites problem-solvers to make life better for others

Good ideas have a life of their own. That's how it is with Fixperts, our scheme to activate a generation of problem-solvers and get them working for others.

Fixperts invites people with skills and imagination to solve a problem for someone else and then share their story. They post it on the Fixperts website – as inspiration to others to do some fixing of their own, and as a ready-made fix for anyone else with the same problem.

The Fixperts framework has spread because it links educational value with emotional appeal. By early 2016, global fixers had uploaded more than 200 Fixpert videos, and 24 universities in 11 countries had run the programme. The RSA Catalyst fund and the Clore Duffield Foundation have funded a pilot schools programme.

Fixperts brings out the best in people: their creativity and their empathy. It turns fixing into a way of life.

From Now On – what we did:
Concept, strategy, delivery, creative direction 

Conceived by:
James Carrigan and Daniel Charny

Emily Ballard, Koby Barhad, Grace Bremner, Daniel Charny, Lea Jagendorf, Sally Spurring supported by an amazing group of occasional and not so occasional volunteers 

2012 - ongoing 


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