Case study

Facilitating international collaborations

The Maker Library Network – a project for the British Council that connects worldwide communities

The Maker Library Network was a year-long project that's so successful, it now has a life of its own. We set it up in 2014 for the British Council to connect creative communities in the UK and South Africa.

We devised the concept after a trip to South Africa revealed that a lack of connections was holding creative people back. The MLN overcomes creative isolation by linking studios with local and international programmes.

Our chosen format, the Maker Library, encourages designers and makers to learn from each other by showing and discussing their work. The digital/physical network and programme creates connections locally, nationally and internationally, with a specific focus on peer learning and mentoring. 

Maker Libraries have since popped up everywhere – in exhibition halls and caravans. As more makers and countries joined, we devised new formats to help new participants contribute. We, too, are learning from the digital connectivity project that refuses to wind down.

From Now On – what we did:
Concept, strategy, creative direction, delivery

Conceived by:
Daniel Charny

Dee Halligan, Justine Boussard, Koby Barhad, Alon Meron, Nat Hunter

Commissioned for the ConnectZA programme 2014; there are now 20 Maker Libraries in 10 counties (April 2016)


Selected Clients & Partners