Playing with formats: we're getting experimental in a library

23 May 2016 Dee Halligan

For 3 days this May, working with a group of masters design students and a number of international guests, we oversaw the creation of a 3 day Festival of Fixing in a large Copenhagen suburban Library. The Library is preparing to move site to a big new cultural centre and has run a 2 year programme exploring different themes for engaging their communities, from schoolkids to local businesses. We proposed that rather than creating a makerspace, fixing and repair might offer increased engagement and a wider breadth of potential outcomes considering their wide audiences. 

We created a range temporary situations through a varied creative programme of activities, all themed on fixing and repair. Through this intensive throwing together of community and institution, businesses and guests we generated experience,evidence and prompts for further development. We'll be sharing some of the outcomes later in June or if this topical subject interests you get in touch.


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