Mid-summer magic

July 21, 2010 by dee

Mid-year, mid-projects, mid-life, erm anyway, we’re right in the thick of it here. As most of the studio hits the Highlands for some fresh air an update is overdue… What have we been doing then? Our usual work with the Design Council and the Design Museum, some project specific consultancy work, all of it interesting and good. I was invited to teach a Project Management module on the MDes Innovation and Creativity for Industry collaboration between University of the Arts and Cranfield which was a great back to basics rehearsal of the whats and the whys of what we do.

But the things we really want to talk about we have to keep to ourselves, for now at least, though that Daniel is to curate something new and on a bigger platform than ever before is hardly a surprise. That we are in start-up mode for something self-initiated, risky and fun is something that’s been a long time a-coming too… And the proto-typing stage, due in September, will force us to update here sooner than before. Happy to share that we’re working with the fabulous Ben Stott as one of the first projects of his post-NB Studio life as well as the fast up-and-coming Kin.

Last words I’m feeling the need to mention some sad news we had recently, that designer, tutor, all round irritant and dear friend Gerrard O’Carroll died early this month. I’m so happy I knew him, worked with him and even taught with him occasionally. There’s no one like him.

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