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January 26, 2012 by dee

Let’s have a bit of calm here shall we? 2011 closed with a bit too much excitement; here’s to a nice, dull 2012. Not that January has started quite in that vein, with a studio visit to San Francisco closely followed by an outing to Stockholm, and any number of promising little projects in the works. But there’s 11 months left to the year, so we have hope!

As to the causes of our excitement?

Well. Power of Making closed just 2 weeks ago, with record visitor numbers now confirmed: 320,703 was the final figure (how they get it accurate to those 3 people we have no idea). This makes it the most popular free exhibition since 1950. That’s 1950. On a slightly shallower note, this means it beat the Kylie exhbition. Teehee.

If that wasn’t sufficient:

Long term client and close to our hearts, plans for London’s new Design Museum were unveiled this week and congratulations to them on how well received it has been. Though our contributions, in the form of interpretation policy, collecting policy and permanent exhibition curating are yet to go public, our report (possibly the most extensive and expansive piece of strategy work we’ve ever authored) has been submitted to hugely positive response from the client and wider consultant team. Phew.

Now, among other things, we can get back to following through on the promise that was our Parliament experiment, which in spite of its forlorn and unloved appearance right now has been generating some interesting conversations. And yes, directing our efforts toward making 2012 as calm and low key as possible*.

* Reserving the right to revisit this at any point during the year should it become necessary…

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